Bush Live Tour 2019-Tickets, dates & Schedule Concert

Bush Live Tour 2019! Bush are a British rock band from London, England. They formed in London in 1992 and cover the genres of Alternative rock, post-grunge and grunge.

Bush consists of four talented members, Gavin Rossdale, Robin

Goodridge, Chris Traynor and Corey Britz. The British boys formed after Gavin Rossdale departed from his former band, named, Midnight. He met former guitarist for the band King Blank guitarist Nigel Pulsford in 1992 and the pair decided formulate a band. Once the pair had found their feet they went on to take on bass guitarist Dave Parsons and drummer Robin Goodridge.

Once complete, the band had to chose a name, interestingly, they decided on the name “Bush”, which was based on the place named, Shepherd’s Bush in London, which was a main meeting place for the band.

The band released their debut album which was named “Sixteen Stone” in 1994 which notably peaked at number 4 on America’s the Billboard Music Charts. Furthermore, their second album, released two years ago, titled, “Razorblade suitcase”, reached a remarkable number one in America and also reached high in the charts in many countries in Europe.

The British band unfortunately separated in 2002, with an eight year gap. However, after the band made amends and in 2010 they began work on a new album, “The Sea of Memories”. They went on to release this the following year. The album was very successful and their single “The Sound of Winter” made number one, surpassing both the rock and alternative charts.

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